How It Works

In a world of constant distraction and endless visual stimulation, the time it takes to find a phone and dial a number can be deadly to sales. With Voice Sales®, your customers simply hit the "Voice Sales" button on your web page, enter their phone number into a pop-up on their site and in just a few seconds, they'll receive a call on their phone.

Meanwhile on your end…

Your designated sales representative receives a phone call which lets them know that somebody is looking at your website that very minute and has requested assistance. The sales rep is connected to their potential client as soon as they pick up their phone. Most users set a special ringtone for incoming Voice Sales® so they never miss an opportunity to assist customers.  

Connection established!

In a mere matter of minutes, your customer is speaking with a live sales representative without ever having to dial your number!


Installing Voice Sales® on your website is fast and simple. Many users are able to do it on their own, but if you require assistance, we'll gladly send an EIC team member to install Voice Sales® for you! Contact us today to learn more.